Welcome to AUSPAN

The Australian Professionals ADHD Network (AusPAN)

AIM: To promote effective, evidenced-based, multi-modal treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) within Australia by promoting communication, peer support, education and research between health, allied health and education professionals working with people who have ADHD.

PRINCIPLES: AusPAN is not a political organisation – it will not advocate publicly, but exist simply to assist professionals to network and engage with others working in the field of ADHD.  The association will not seek pharmaceutical funding to avoid any perceived conflict of interest.

THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK: AusPAN recognises that ADHD is a disorder which has both genetic and environmental contributions.  It is often apparent in childhood and persists for many years, often well into adult life.  It requires a multi-modal treatment, often utilising a broad range of professionals.

STRUCTURE: The initial convenors are Dr Roger Paterson (child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist with both a research and clinical interest in ADHD for many years) and Dr Michele Toner (educationalist and ADHD coach, and past president for five years of the local consumer support group, LADS

MEMBERSHIP: Open to professionals working in the area of ADHD, either in a clinical, research or service-related capacity.